Apple introduced the Macbook Pro with 32 GB of RAM

The updated models have six-core processors and SSD disks on 4 TB.

Apple has updated the Macbook Pro with Touch panel Bar. The new configuration is designed for professional users who need maximum performance, it is spoken in the message of the company.

In the updated notebook comes with Intel eighth — generation Quad-core i5 and i7 models with a screen 13 inches or i9 six-core i7 and 15-inch variants. The maximum configuration Macbook Pro 15 can now be equipped with 32 GB of RAM and SSD 4TB drive.

In all configurations of the Macbook Pro with 15-inch screen now includes discrete graphics card Radeon Pro with 4 GB of memory, 13-inch models built-in video card Intel Iris Plus 655.

Also in the updated model, Apple has installed the third version of the keyboard-“butterfly”. It differs slightly from previous models, but Apple promises that the new version will be much more reliable than the previous one, notes the publication iMore. Due to frequent complaints of “sticking” and drop the keys at the keyboards-“butterflies” Apple extended the warranty on all Macbook with the following buttons.

New Macbook Pro 13 will cost $ 145 thousand rubles, Macbook Pro 15 from 195 thousand rubles. At the time of this writing, the updated laptops were not available for configuration and ordering on the Russian Apple website. In the United States the maximum version of the Macbook Pro 15 is $6.7 million (about 416 thousand rubles) — for $300 less stationary Mac Pro in the maximum configuration with 12-core processor and 64 GB of memory.

MacBook Air, MacBook 12-inch and 13-inch Macbook Pro without the Touch Bar did not receive the update.

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